This is the beginning, only the beginning.

Hello all and welcome to Black Chick Media! It has been a long, hard road creating this marvelous organization (we’re still at it!), but we are so happy to have come this far. Here you will find our online portfolio (other organizations & events we have been a part of), industry news & updates, photos, and all other things related to women in the arts. As a majorly underrepresented group, we hope to bring visibility to women artists (defined in numerous ways) doing their thing and changing the world.

Oh, before we forget, we have had requests lately to put our logo on t-shirts. Well, rest assured your voice has been heard and we are ON it! Currently working with graphic designers and t-shirt printers, Black Chick Media t-shirts (that will only be available for purchase on this website) will be making their way to you soon.