“…Think but this, and all is mended—That you have but slumbered here/While these visions did appear…”

Three (almost four but that’s another story) airports, 24 hours, a bit of jet-lag, one fabulous play and four new friends later, Black Chick Media had quite a successful little trip to New York City. If you do not already have plans to visit the International Fringe Festival, make sure you do. And take a tip from us and add The Mythmakers to your list of shows to see. The play, FABULOUSLY directed by Sarah Berger, actress and founder of the So and So Arts Club, focuses on the fierce friendship between JM Barrie (played by Steve Hay), author of Peter Pan, and RF Scott (played by Jonathan Hansler), the famed Antarctic Explorer. The play centers on what caused them to fall out just before Scott’s last journey. It was intimate, powerful, and one of the best pieces of theater I have seen in quite sometime. I will refrain from slipping into theater critic mode as you should form your own unbiased opinion, but know that, this play demands to be seen. There are only four performances left, so make sure you purchase your tickets now!

But besides the marvelous play, it was ever so wonderful to finally meet the amazing Sarah Berger. She is such an inspiration and the conversations we had I will truly cherish for the rest of my life. I felt like a sponge, trying to, wanting to, absorb every last word she said (Oh how I wish I had a voice recorder!). I am grateful for all the support, ideas, the new partnerships formed and great events being planned. Make sure you all stay tuned, big things are in the works.

This is a tough industry, to say the very least. It can be cut-throat, harsh, and painful to be a part of most times. There are often those lurking in the shadows, calculating, waiting to take you on, over, or out (All About Eve anyone?…). But by the same token it can also be wonderful, promising, and open many doors. Having been around it for as long as I have, I’ve seen some strange things, and sometimes, it can be a little bit scary. For example, I recently had to remove myself from a toxic forum of people because I discovered I was being stalked; creeped on; hounded; harassed (all part of the business, this I know). I had to lock social media pages and delete others because people were trying to wheedle their way into my life in a devious and sneaky manner; become a part of something by riding my coat tails. What is that saying, “Great success brings great jealousy”? While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, I found this all too invasive. What some people fail to see is, you do not have to do that–you as you are better by far than the you that you are trying to be. Do it on your own merit. Foster your own relationships. Work hard, stay the course, and you will feel so much the better for it, I promise. I love community building, supporting fellow artists and bringing together diverse communities of people, and I will always bring with me those that have shown to be loyal, honest and hardworking. And this is paramount–you must be honest, you must be true to yourself and your craft. It must come from a good place; if you are in anyway doing it for the wrong reasons, you will fail, every time. One thing Sarah mentioned (and I am paraphrasing here) that I will think on always, and try to pass along to those I mentor is that, you do not have to constantly shove yourself in people’s faces in this business to be noticed; you can’t beg for attention and demand to be heard in a way that makes you appear desperate and needy, because more often than not, you will lose. Simply do what you do, and do it well. That, my dear friends, will set you apart from the crowd.