Onward and Upward, Always

Hello everyone! We’d like to take this time to thank all of our dedicated readers and followers. You rock! Thank you for being so supportive while we work to get this little amazing enterprise off the ground. We are currently in that, “Little Engine That Could” phase, but we’ll make it. I have no doubt. We have been lucky enough to meet so many great people in the past few months, and we really hope we can foster these relationships and create fantastic events (which, you know, is what we do best).

Speaking of fantastic events, we held a meeting yesterday with our creative team, and there are a lot of new and exciting adventures coming up. As previously announced on our twitter page (https://twitter.com/BlackChickMedia) we will soon hold/produce a film festival (YAY!) as well as rehearsed readings (SO exciting!), workshops, a web-series (This is going to be good!), plays, & panel discussions, just to name a few. Black Chick Media will also hold a “camp” where young aspiring actors, writers, dancers, etc. and so forth can interact with industry professionals while learning new skills and networking. As reaching out to the community and fostering new talent and relationships is paramount to our mission, we are pleased to bring this to our city. I don’t know about where you are, but here in these 50 United States, the arts are terribly underrepresented and consistently underfunded. Always the first to be cut in schools due to budget constraints, never looked on as a worthwhile and honorable profession, and almost impossible to make a living at unless you are, you know, one of those Hollywood peeps that brings in over $20 million just for showing up. So often I speak to young, amazingly talented individuals that are completely disheartened with the industry, and I must say, I understand. And if the schools, the government and other organizations won’t give them the chance they deserve, I hope they can find in us a place that offers support, opportunities and guidance. I have been lucky enough to have amazing mentors in my life, and I hope that in this, I can pay it forward.

In other announcements, Black Chick Media, will soon partner with another local arts organization (shhhh, to be announced in a few weeks I promise), that will be members only (making Black Chick Media our “consultation services” only business). This will allow us to share information with a dedicated group of individuals while creating high-profile events. This, I am VERY much looking forward to for many, many reasons. So, for all our updates and marvelous happenings, make sure you like and follow us on Twitter and Facebook!