The Lupita Hate Must Cease


Lupita Nyong’o receiving her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress
(photo via x)

Too many people who are disliked on social media for being trollers/haters get excited when there is something new the world is unfolding for.

That just happens to be Lupita.

Lupita Nyong’o, the 31-year old Yale grad, has been turning heads and giving seizures in the form of “YAAAAAAS, HUNTY! SLAY!” since her portrayal of Patsey in Steve McQueen’s 2013 hit film, “12 Years A Slave.” From her performance in the film that was truly nothing less than superb, to her plethora of colorful and captivating red carpet and television appearance looks that has her on the top of the radar on every style magazine, blog, and television special around, Lupita is WINNING. Add her absolute humbleness, her adorable demeanor, and the public speeches she’s made about beauty and validation of dreams, she’s a bonafide badass.

But unfortunately, many people don’t like this. They don’t like this sudden advocacy for Lupita and what she stands for, which is a woman from the motherland who came to America, attended one of the top schools in the United States, did superb in her first film, and won a crapload of awards, including the most prestigious film award out there: an Oscar, all while having very little to no hair (against the ideas of femininity) and being dark skinned (a shade automatically considered ugly). Lupita is winning against the norm, and that is rattling chains. Men and women, black and white, have tried to compare Lupi to men, have tried to get us to confess that she’s not that cute, and that we’re just hyping her up, have tried to say that we, as People of Color, haven’t won through her and the cast/crew of “12 Years A Slave,” because white people get off on seeing slavery films… The list combats the Great Wall of China in longest shit ever.

But why are you mad?

Lupita has done nothing but educate herself in her craft, done her research, show up to work on set and SLAY, remain humble and adorable during interviews, waltzing onto red carpets in garments blessed by The Lord and SLAYING, and inspiring dark skin black girls (especially), and everyone else who has a dream they think they can’t conquer, that you and those dreams are valid.

Lupita is living in her truth. She is succeeding, which is more than I can say for the rest of you who feel compelled to attempt degradation for your own insecurities. She works hard to be praised to oblivion. She works hard for recognition. She works hard, man. Those who work hard and who live with an open mind and heart deserve the world.

And she’s gonna get it.

You don’t HAVE to find her beautiful, and you didn’t HAVE to cry in the scene everyone knows oh too well that had us biting at our fists, trying to hold back the rivers of empathy that strolled down our eyes. If you don’t care for her, that’s fine. This is for the people that don’t care for her and want to make it KNOWN. The ones who find tweets and posts of people who care deeply for her and who make rude, unnecessary, and ignorant comments to have their mentions filled with response. For those who want to start an uproar, who want to disagree with the majority, and who, at the end of the day, sign out of twitter/facebook/tumblr feeling empty because this is their only means of attention.

So if you wanna waste your time trying to blow our, and Lupita’s, high because your life is in shambles and you don’t know how to fix it except to make others feel shitty so you’re not the only one, you can keep on dreaming.

Lupita is out here trying to tell us (ladies especially) that folks are gonna try and knock our crowns off, but wear that beacon like a halo, and you’re salty because you can’t take that advice and do something with your life other than to troll?