A Perfect Partnership – Featuring InkTip

What Does a Screenwriter Do Exactly?

If you are a film buff, a film student, a filmmaker, or all the above you’re already aware of what a screenwriter does.

For those who don’t know what a screenwriter does, it is as simple as this.

It is the screenwriter who sits down and takes on the daunting task of creating an entire cast of characters, the series of events, story structure and engaging dialogue.

This process results in the a screenplay, which is then used as a blueprint by the director, cinematographer, actors etc. to create the world that unfolds onscreen.

This all sounds magical right?

Three Problems Every Screenwriter Faces

In a perfect world, every screenplay would get made into a film. In reality, once a screenplay is completed by a screenwriter, three issues get in the way of that dream.

  1. Producers who want to make the EXACT film that you have written can’t find you.
  2. The reverse is also true. If you’re lucky enough to have an agent, it’s hard for them to get your script in front of a producer, director etc.
  3. Or like so many screenwriters, especially those just starting out, you simply don’t have enough exposure to get your screenplay in front of the right people.

InkTip Solves These Problems

Columbus Black International Film Festival InkTip Screenwriting Competition Partnership

InkTip was created in 2000 to solve these problems after it was clear that screenwriters faced difficulty getting their works exposed, let alone getting their scripts exposed.

The founders of InkTip conducted research and discovered over 150 production studios that use the internet to find scripts. And over 38 of those studios had good to impressive film credits in their roster. Over time, this number has only grown.

Today, InkTip  has over 2000 registered industry members that have access to screenwriter’s scripts.

Getting exposure for your script has never been easier thanks to InkTip and their reputation for professionalism, confidentiality, and security.

A Perfect Partnership

Columbus Black International Film Festival InkTip Partnership

Speaking of InkTip, we at Black Chick Media are excited to announce that InkTip is partnering with the Columbus Black International Film Festival (CBIFF) for latter’s screenplay competition.

The competition includes separate short and feature length categories that have strict length, formatting and file type requirements to be eligible for competition.

This is a rare opportunity to get your screenplay in front of several industry professionals and audiences who are as passionate and enthusiastic about film as you are.

If you have a screenplay you’d like to enter in the festival, click here to submit.

We can’t wait to read your scripts!


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