This Post is Absolutely Not for Amy Cooper

Picture of protesters.

Gunshots. Shattered Glass. Grenades. Tear Gas. Grief.

Celebrations of violence—from the stablest genius of them all. 

Today has been another long day of a long week of a long month of a long year of a long legacy of persistent injustice and active anti-black racism. We aren’t going to recap the news here but our hearts swell, ache, and beat for the black lives that have been, and continue to be, snatched from our hands and tossed away from this world. 

From Minneapolis to Louisville to Atlanta and beyond, folks are using their rage to organize, yell, cry and respond to the fact that following the rules of survival doesn’t mean you’ll survive. Whether calling Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, or finding beautiful ways to honor, remember and take action for George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, there are many ways to try to cope with the reality we live in. At Black Chick Media, we hope you’ll also do your part, no matter how big or small, to demand that this reality change.  

Start with How to Help Demand Justice for George Floyd, which names donation-worthy organizations, ways to help the Floyd, Arbery, McDade and Taylor families, and tips for taking action and demanding police accountability. Make sure you’re having real conversations with children. Read and write poetry. Check your racial equity toolkit. Carve Breonna’s name into a tree. 

Do your thing. Make your art. Challenge your environment. We’ll do the same.