Your Dreams Are Valid

What or who defines your validity? Why did the stunning Lupita use such a simple yet, soul searching word?


“I want to be a __________ when I grow up.” These are the blissfully flown words that fall from the lips of our innocence. We dream big; without fear, without care of what others think; with the simply laid plan, that all you need is that pink tutu engraved with lace ruffles, as you twirl to hearts content. The little girl we use to be becomes a woman. The flame of our fairytale is quickly quenched by the reality of our first broken heart, capitalism, false beauty, low socially constructed moral price tags, childbirth…you name it…life happens! The fortunate ones find a way to not allow for the flame to completely go out, but struggle to find a way to chase after it with the fervor they use to possess.
The night of the Oscars my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook flooded with the pride and matched excitement that so radiantly overflowed from Lupita. Lupita’s words shined just as bright as her powder blue Prada dress against her Kenyan sun blessed skin. We watched with smiles gracing our faces as she accepted her award, realizing that Patsey stood there also. Out of her pain manifested triumph. Her winning in that very moment, again gave us as Black Women, the innocence and optimism toward the old cliché that “dreams do come true”. Not only do they come true, they mean something. Our dreams, when achieved, leave a legacy to soothe the souls and motivate the woman of color who think their flame has flickered out. My sister…you, your dreams, your thoughts, your everyday grind towards excellence is VALID!

S. Nicole Harper

Image by Vogue via