Kick Up The Arts Festival

As we are 5 hours behind on this side of the pond, we’re sure the Festival is over, and everyone will be enjoying themselves at the after party (tomorrow!). From what we hear, it was a huge success, and people are asking for more. We hope that, since everyone enjoyed themselves so much this year, Kick Up The Arts can become an annual event. We love to see how people in other places, other parts of the world support the arts; that sort of loyalty and love is conspicuously absent here in the States, for the most part.

So, we’d like to say congratulations to Sarah Berger for holding such fabulous and well received workshops and we hope Black Chick Media can be there next year.



Kick Up The Arts Festival brought to you by The So & So Arts Club

If you know anything about those of us here at BCM, you know we LOVE to support the arts. That is why we feel duty bound to inform you, dear readers, of the fantastic events that are being held this month in London. That’s right, you heard us, London, England, our second home.

The So & So Arts Club (we’re members!) is holding a 6 day festival starting Monday, July 22nd, and ending Saturday July 27th. Each day will have its own focus and special topic including Film, Directing, Comedy & Music, and Production and Writing. You can find out more about the festival and purchase tickets here.

We are so sad we cannot attend these fabulous events (being the jet-setters we are, we’ll be somewhere else in the world at the time), but we look forward to attending their Women in the Arts events this December (stay tuned for more info on that as well!). So, if you find you can or will be in the UK at that time, make sure you register and attend. It’s art supporters like you that keep programs like this going.



P.S. **Just Announced** The wonderful Kevin McNally (he’s one of our favorites around here), will be attending the Casting & Directing day to offer advice and have a chat. If we weren’t sad before that we could not attend, we are now! So, do us  favor, buy a ticket and go.