Actress and Playwright Fidelis Morgan Holds Master Class

The marvelous actress & author Fidelis Morgan will hold a Master Class at The Actors Centre called Develop Your Flair and Style. It sounds absolutely amazing, so make sure you register before time runs out!

Personally, I could really use a class like this. Because, you know, sometimes when you’re playing Mercutio in Romeo & Juliet, you have a tendency to go out on stage and TOTALLY end up playing Romeo instead. Not because you wanted to upstage anyone; NEVER that, but because you were so terribly nervous & unable to come out of yourself. Because it’s such a classic text and you didn’t want to mess up. Because clearly, you hadn’t taken a class with Fidelis Morgan. If we could hop over the pond right now we would. Front row, center, soaking it all up. But, alas, we’re tied up stateside at the moment. So go, and stop back here and let us know how it went.




Class Details

When confronted with a classical role is your instinct to run & hide? Perhaps you choose to lose yourself in the sound of your own voice speaking fruity language. We’ll delve into the text, using scenes from famous writers & work on exercises to bring you out of your shell. The classics of the theatre are that for a reason – but only the actor can keep them up to date. To be a stylish actor in the classics you must find your own personal flair.

Tutor Information

Fidelis Morgan

Actress, writer and director, Fidelis Morgan’s TV appearances include Jeeves and Wooster, Mr Majeika and As Time Goes By. In theatre she has worked with many companies including West Yorkshire Playhouse, Nottingham Playhouse, Liverpool Everyman, The Old Vic, Paines Plough and the Glasgow Citizens where her work won her a best actress nomination in The Observer. Fidelis wrote The Female Wits, which rediscovered the long lost women playwrights of the Restoration. She is also a successful novelist and playwright. For further information visit

(Via the Actors Centre website)