KICKSTARTER BACK THIS: Kiandra Park’s “C’est La Vie,” film




With the power of social media and the growing amount of content that is being produced for the web, anything has become possible for artists trying to gain some money to push forward content they believe the world would be interested in seeing through crowdfunding. Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, to name a few, have birthed numerous projects, from film to comics to video games, all by letting creators pitch their content to the web, and letting anyone who’s interested (within a certain time frame) donate money (for perks in exchange) to see this project come to life.

ImageKiandra Parks, old student of Spike Lee at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and writer/director of the short film based on the novel, “Black Girl In Paris,” has turned to Kickstarter to bring us another film she’s created, and in which she will be writer, director, and now starring actress in! The film in question? “C’est La Vie,” and if the title didn’t tell you, it takes place in the most romantic city in the world.

Kiki and her boyfriend met on New Years Eve. They fell in love in Paris. Their long distance relationship endures ups and downs, but Kiki is sure he is her soul mate; her psychic told her so. Kiki relocates to Paris in a final attempt to make her relationship work, but on her journey she discovers the thing she least expects and learns to surmount her biggest obstacle.

Completely in black and white, the film discusses the ins and outs of love, while being quirky, hip, classic, and effortlessly beautiful.


“C’est La Vie,” is in its last week till the Kickstarter timeline ends. Help Kiandra reach her goal of $15,000 by clicking here!

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