This Rocks Our Socks! Diahann Carroll, Sophie Okonedo, Anika Noni Rose Join Denzel Washington in Broadway Revival of ‘A Raisin in the Sun’.

Diahann Carroll Joins Denzel Washington in ‘Raisin in the Sun’ Revival

Diahann Carroll at the Crystal + Lucy Awards in Beverly Hills on June 12, 2013.

(Diahann Carroll at the Crystal + Lucy Awards in Beverly Hills on June 12, 2013.)

This, my dearest darling readers, is the stuff of my DREAMS! All my favorite actors on the stage at the same time?! Bliss. I was lucky enough to see Denzel Washington in his Tony Award winning role in August Wilson’s’ Fences (And I was right next to Halle Berry too, on opening night!), so I am happy to see him once again returning to the stage. Of course, Ms. Carroll needs absolutely NO introduction; to say I swoon over this woman would be putting it mildly. She has been such an inspiration. And Sophie and Anika too?! I can’t even handle it I adore them both.

For the past few years I have applauded Broadways attempt at diversifying the stage–at bringing together talented actors of color in popular and poignant plays. This, is what theater can be, what theater should be. I will never forget the first time (or second) I saw a play with an all Black (well, mostly) cast–I was in Stratford-Upon-Avon at the Royal Shakespeare Company, the summer I graduated from University (culturally diverse theater is QUITE difficult to come by here in the Midwest). They were showing Richard III and I sat in awe the entire time; so shocked that a play could and did have Black actors in starring roles; not neglected to the sidelines or the comic relief of any other stereotype we are often regulated to. It’s such a rare thing (which is incredibly sad), and the last thing I expected to see in the United Kingdom (perhaps I was not giving the UK as much credit as it deserved?). Most recently, I was lucky enough to attend the RSC’s all Black production of Julius Caesar, and that, too, changed my life forever. And speaking to the cast afterward only solidified that I am in the right business, I am doing the right thing–supporting the work of African-American artists; encouraging those that are unsure. Advocating for change, creating opportunities and providing guidance.

So, like the good little theater goer (fan girl) I am, I shall be sat there, opening night, beaming.



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